Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon receipt of the enrollment fee, The Die Cast Training Network will enroll the participant in the nominated subjects.
  2. The participant will be given a unique User-Name and advised, by email, how to log in.
  3. The participant is required to create their own password, and to keep it confidential at all times. The participant can change their password from time to time.
  4. The participant is not permitted to assist anyone else to log in using their User-Name and password.
  5. The participant will be given access to all the online training materials, case studies, worked examples and resources associated with the nominated subject.
  6. The participant will be given access to the assessment activities for the nominated subject.
  7. Upon completion of the assessment, the participant will be given a grade.
  8. Enrollment in any nominated subject is for a period of 3 months, but, if required, the participant may apply for an extension.
  9. Once nominated, enrollment cannot be transferred to another participant or another subject.
  10. Upon completion of a sufficient number of subjects, and achieving successful grades, the participant will be eligible to apply for a certificate.