On-going Learning

Even when you have completed all the basic training from the Die Cast Training Network, there is still plenty more you can learn. In fact, you should make it your objective to continue to learn throughout your career.

Listed below are some of the other learning opportunities available on Die Casting topics.

Conferences, Exhibitions and Seminars




Die Casting Congress and Tabletop Exhibition                                                                                   1 - 3 October, 2019, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


International Trade Fair for Die Casting  : Technology, Processes, Products
14 – 16 January 2020, Nuremberg, Germany



Die Casting Congress and Exposition
October 2020, USA


GIFA International Trade Fair for Foundry Technology
25 – 29 June 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany


Supplier Training Programs

 Buhler Die Casting Machine Manufacturer
Uzwil, Switzerland

 Frech Die Casting Machine Manufacturer
Schorndorf, Germany


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