Enrollment Options

There are two ways to enrol in Die Cast training subjects as described below.

1. Enroll as an Individual

This enables you to quickly enroll in a single subject. It is the fastest and easiest way to enrol. The enrollment fees are:

  • For an operator-level subject $US 40.00
  • For a technician-level subject $US 50.00
  • For a management-level subject $US 60.00

Payment can be made by Paypal or Credit Card.

Enroll as an Individual >>>


2. Enrollment for an Organisation

This method is for organisations who want to enroll one or more of their employees in one or more subjects.

This is a two step process.

Enrollment fees are first paid for a number of ‘subject-seats’ (without having to specify the names of the people or the subjects). This step is typically performed by someone from the finance department. The organisation will receive an invoice for taxation or ‘training-levy’ purposes. Payment can be by Credit Card, Paypal or direct deposit to an emailed invoice notification.

After the ‘subject-seats’ have been purchased, a receipt and an enrolment form will be issued. The names of the people and the subjects in which they are to be enrolled are then entered into the form and submitted to the Die Cast Training Network. This step is typically performed by Human Resources staff or a department manager.

Enroll for an Organisation and Request an Invoice for Payment >>>

Enroll for an Organisation and Pay by Paypal or Credit Card Now >>>


Training Vouchers

Training Vouchers enable the enrollment fees for one or more subjects to be partly paid for by another organisation or benefactor.

This includes suppliers, institutions, scholarship providers or community minded individuals.

Where this applies, you will be advised of a 'Voucher Code' which you should enter into the on-line form when submitting your enrollment. Otherwise, just leave it blank.


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