Die Casting Machinery

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Die Casting machines range from the very small and simple to the very large and complex.

It is important that machine operators and other staff are given some basic information about how they work, their main components and the issues that are key to their proper functioning and long life.

Die Casting Metals and Melting

DieCastingMetals AndMelting01Before any Die Cast part can be made, the metal must be made available at the machine. This subject explains all the basic information about Die Casting alloys, what they are made of, how they are prepared and melted, and the importance of good housekeeping and safe practices.

The different types of furnaces used to melt Die Casting alloys are explained, and why temperature control is important.

Also covered is contaminants, drosses, fluxes and degassing.


Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines

ColdChamberMachine01jpgCold Chamber Die Casting machines are the most widely used casting machines in the Die Casting industry. This is due to the widespread use of light metals in the automotive, transportation, power tools, appliance and general industry. This subject covers all the important aspects of cold chamber machines from the perspective of people working on, and around, these machines in a manufacturing plant.

The main machine components, care and maintenance needs and saftey aspects are all presented in detail.

This is the sort of information that operators find useful to know, but which is often not covered in factory induction training.


Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines

HotChamberMachine01This subject explains all the principle components of a hot chamber Die Casting machine, how they work, and what is required to keep them in good operating condition.

Enroling in this subject is a logical next step for anyone new to the industry, after, or as part of, their basic induction training.


Gravity and Low Pressure Die Casting Machines

GravityMachine01Gravity Die Casting machines range from very simple devices to quite complex machines. This subject describes the principles and functions, and expands on the knowledge that can be gained from working in a factory environment.

Modern Low Pressure Die Casting machines are are large and very sophisticated, and machine operators need to understand what is happening deep inside. This subject provides a structured introduction to the process and its pitfalls.

The key requirements for safe and proper operation for these machines and ancilliary equipment is described.                                                                       


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